At Andy's, scribbled napkin
how do i - how does one release out
emotions + thoughts, turn them to fluid
floating, flyin thru the room, transferring
parts of my mind to people.
texts shoot me in the head, blood splatters
of memory stain the walls; internal screams
echos of raindrops, mist blending with construction
musty smoke. rice steam cleansing my skin, close
the lid, go to the back, the past
covered with grey paint and i'm given
Chinese sweets. the wet streets reflecting
a void vision, the darkest black muting
the cries of my retina. i've escaped
from lingo before, not lingering no more, no.
floating underwater and the wind picks up
causing a storm, waves swaying me around.
i'm allowing my body to sink; competing the
instinct to survive. Goodbye my mind, leaves
my body as a tear, metal. it floats alone, rises
to the surface, infinitely lost.
the beach will come to me one day if just
stay here, right?